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ESNAI.com was founded by an auditor in 1998. It Joined the Shanghai National Accounting Institute in 2001. There are 1.4 million registered members, 10% of accountants in China.


We offer:


1. Information

News, we also translate important news in English every week.

Survey reports, we’ve associated with CICPA,ACCA,CIMA and so on.

Laws, 90,000 in total

Human resource



Cyclopaedia, 14,000 terms, teachers, accounting firms, accounting softwares.

Paper, 17,000 articles

sharing data, 4,2000 shares data, 37.5 million view, 12 million times download.



Blog: more than 11,000 accountants owned blogs.

BBS: 1.4 million register members, more than 2000 articles every day.

SNS: 4700 register members with real name.




Distance learning, such as CPA exam training

and so on.


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