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Ten Most Common Aspects of IPO Irregularities

According to information from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the following aspects are most commonly involved in IPO irregularities: too many related-party transactions; significant weaknesses in internal control, such as deficiency over the qualification of independent directors; change of equity ownership without real evidence; owing huge amount of taxes; over manipulation of profits; concealing the fact of having been fined by administrative departments during the reporting period; projects in which IPO proceeds are to invest have not obtain approval of production; doubts over the truth of operational and technical data; loss of state assets and unfair valuation of intangible assets and fabrication of materials in order to claim the qualification of high-tech enterprises.


No Over-taxation, MOF and SAT Emphasize

The Minister of Finance and the Director of the State Administration of Taxation have said recently that various levels of taxation departments should abandon the practice of over-taxation.



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