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SSE Analyzes Audit Opinions for 2011 Annual Reports

According to a research report issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), among the total of 938 companies listed on its board, 59, or 6.29 percent, of them have not been given an unqualified audit opinion for their 2011 annual financial statements, reaching a historical low. More specifically, 1 company has been given disclaimer of opinion, 4 companies have been given qualified opinion, 5 companies have been given qualified opinion with the emphasis of matter paragraph, and 49 companies have been given unqualified opinion with the emphasis of matter paragraph.


SSE Analyzes Listed Companies Internal Control

From 2006 to 2011, the number of listed companies disclosed their internal control reports increased from 34 to 427, the number of audit reports increased from 34 to 258. Based on XBRL data, a total of 933 companies described their internal controls in the Governance Structure section of their annual reports.


SAT Clarifies Deed Tax Preferential Policy

The State Administration of Taxation has clarified deed tax preferential policy for the situation of business combination and spin-off.



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