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2015 saw slowing world economic growth, together with decline in the quantity and pricing of international trade. Numerous uncertainties ranging from ultra-high debt level to regional political fluctuations shrouded the future recovery of world economy. In 2015, China's economic growth maintained a steady pace while gradually slowing down as its GDP growth entered the "6%" era for the first time, accompanied by sluggish exports and investments, capital market turbulence and frequently promulgated new industrial regulatory policies. Against such backdrop, China's insurance industry still maintained rapid growth, achieving a remarkable performance in 2015.


As China continues to face the pressure of economic downturn in 2016 and overall insurance industry risks rise, how will the industry maintain its performance in the future? Here we will attempt to analyse the following hot topics in the insurance industry based on 2015 annual reports disclosed by several listed insurance companies and their financial information from previous years:


Value enhancement or scale expansion - which will you choose going forward?


How do insurance companies move from passitivity to proactivity in the face of soaring policy loans?


The winners and losers of commercial auto insurance reform


What credit risks will insurance companies face as alternative investments grow?


What will you see when you unveil the strategic equity investments of insurance companies?


What future lies ahead for products with high cash value in the face of increasing regulation by the CIRC?


Has the diversification of insurance companies' businesses created an untapped market space?



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