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Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce (SLUC), formerly called Lixin Accounting Institute, is an institution of higher learning under the direct jurisdiction of the Shanghai Municipal Government. It was established in 1928 by Dr. Shu Lun Pan, a famous professor of accounting and education, who is still credited with being the “Father of Modern Accounting in China”.


It is more than 70 years since the founding of the University. The pioneering path to its development witnesses the hardships and changes. These years of twists and turns, ups and downs loudly announce the great courage to face challenge in the future.



Dr.Pan established LIXIN Accounting Remedial School, Correspondence School, LIXIN College and Advanced Vocational School in succession.



The Private School - LIXIN Accounting College was established in Shanghai. In April, the first board meeting of LIXIN Accounting College was held.



Because of the World War II, Dr. Pan moved to Chongqing in July, planning to relocate LIXIN Accounting College in the inland city.



In June, LIXIN Books Commodities Firm started its operation. Since then ‘Three-in-One’ philosophy was initially formed. The combination of education, research and practice began to work jointly for the prosperity of the School.



Upon the completion of LIXIN Mansion in Chongqing City, Lixin Accounting College opened its branch schools in the city area.



Around 1945, Lixin Accounting College moved from Chongqing back to Shanghai. At those times, Dr. Pan’s private residence was temporarily turned into teaching facilities. In the spring of 1947, the facilities on Xuhong Road were completed. The School was formally reopened and made Shun Lun Pan President, Hongshou Li Wenling and Chen Vice Presidents.



In accordance with the directive of adjusting and planning policies of Higher Education Institutions in China, the school announced termination.



On the 20th of October, 1980, Shanghai Municipal Government ratified the resumption of the School. In 1986, LIXIN Accounting firm, and LIXIN Books Commodities Firm (now developed into LIXIN Accounting Publishing House) were re-opened.



The School chose Zhongshan Xi Road as its new location (now called Xuhui Campus). The opening of the new facilities in September marks the new epoch of the School.


April 1, 1992

Under the approval of Shanghai Higher Education Bureau the School was re-named as LIXIN Accounting Institute.


October 15, 2001

Lixin Accounting Institute experienced a significant moving to a new campus located in Songjiang University Park.


March 9, 2004

Under the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Government, the School was developed into Shanghai LIXIN University of Commerce which offers degree programs in the field of commerce.