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Ascenda Certified Public Accountants (Ascenda)was formed in September 2009 following a merger between Ascenda CPAs and Zhong He Zheng Xin CPAs.


Prior to the merger, the two founders of the new Ascenda were themselves established companies with long heritages, outstanding achievements and excellent reputation. Following the merger, the management team have endeavored to further enhance the firm’s reputation in managing resources and internal operations, with an aim of achieving significant growth in operational scale, professionalism, service networks and, above all, service quality. These principles align with Ascenda’s renowned credibility and proven management skills, helping Ascenda to achieve the status of being a large, reputable, and well sought-after accounting firm in China.


To respond to globalization as well as the needs to better serve newly emerged international companies from China, Ascenda took on another firm, Cachet Certified Public Accountants and made it Ascenda’s Hong Kong branch, which enables the firm to provide a full range of services to companies listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange including mainland Chinese companies issuing H shares, red-chip Chinese conglomerates and local companies.